HemiCAP® Knee

Over 10 years ago, Arthrosurface® introduced HemiCAP® implants to the world. HemiCAP Implants allow only the damaged part of the joint to be restored without altering the joints natural anatomy or limiting motion. The hemiCAP® Systems remove significantly less amounts of bone and tissue compared to a Total Joint Replacement. The innovative 3-dimensional mapping used to match the implant to the patient’s natural anatomy makes the system a true alternative to joint replacement.

Eksisterende knæ behandlingsmetoder vs. HemiCAP™

Arthrosurface® has an extensive portfolio of solutions for the knee joint.

The UniCAP® System is designed for the medial/lateral compartments and consists of 18 different femoral surface options and 6 inlay tibias. it is the only Unicompartmental implant in the world that allows preservation of the meniscus.

The Patello Femoral HemiCAP® System is available in many different sizes, with 21 trochlear convexities and 13 different patellas, making it the most versatile PF system in the world. Both the trochlea and patella are designed as inlay implants in order to maintain and restore congruency in the PF joint which is very important for proper patella tracking.

In select geographies, the original HemiCAP® Classic for Focal Condyle lesions is also available.

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