Mission, Vision and Values


  • We are a personally owned company. Through our professional skills, service and product range we make a difference in treatment options.
  • We strive to have a loyal and trustful cooperation with our customers and suppliers.
  • Quick and flexible service ensures that we retain and develop our cooperation with the Nordic hospitals. Our capacity is sufficient to ensure that our customers will receive their products on time.
  • Our core competence is to deliver products that can enhance/improve the treatment of the patients within the orthopaedic field as well as counselling when opening new orthopaedic departments.


  • That Ortotech, based on commerce with public as well as private hospitals, is considered a serious and innovative partner.
  • We will continuously expand our product range and introduce new relevant agencies.


  • Quality
    • Ortotech does not compromise on quality!
    • We consider it very important that the patients can continue their normal life even though they have undergone a complicated surgery.
    • We have carefully selected the product range which we can vouch for and hence offer the patient “the best alternative to the original”.
  • Responsibility
    • For products, which have been released to the market, and which Ortotech consider relevant for our customers/patients, foreign clinical studies normally already exist. If not, Ortotech will initiate a clinical study with the Nordic hospitals to ensure the customer that the products do not constitute an unexpected risk (a health risk)
  • Engagement
    • Through our extensive network we are constantly proactive in our search for new methods of treatment. Consequently we attend all essential national as well as international congresses. Furthermore we are well informed from the educational sites of our suppliers. This major professional interest is also reflected in our daily dealings with our customer/patients.
  • Confidence and loyalty
    • The cooperation with our customers and suppliers is to a great extent based on mutual confidence and loyalty. We often receive important information in the expectation of mutual confidentiality similar to the confidentiality that exists in the health care system.