ADVANCE® Unicompartmental Knee

The Leader in Resurfacing Unicompartmental Knees.

Uni Knee ComponentsThe ADVANCE® Unicompartmental Knee System is based on many of the same philosophies that have led to the success of the ADVANCE® Medial-Pivot Knee. It incorporates a constant radius of curvature and off ers a constant contact area. In addition, the instrumentation brings reproducibility to resurfacing the knee.

ADVANCE Uni Knee- Constant radius from 10° - 100°
• Anatomic shape mimics posterior condyles
• Bone conserving
• Same radius as the Medial-Pivot femoral component

- Constant contact area beyond 10° flexion
- 7° angled anterior fl ange replicates the curvature of distal femur and promotes central tracking
- Low profi le distal tip minimizes patellar impingement
- Conservative fi n/peg
• Provides optimal fi xation with minimal bone loss17
- Dual pegs and peripheral cement capture improve tibial base fixation
- Easily Converts to an ADVANCE® Total Knee Replacement