DARCO® Plantar Lapidus Plate

Locked Plate

The DARCO® Plantar Lapidus Plate offers innovative, stable fixation to address correction of Hallux Valgus (bunion) deformity by fusing the first Tarsometatarsal joint (TMT1).

Advantages of this kind of Osteotomy for correction of Hallux Valgus:

  • Stabilize Hypermobility in the TMT1
  • Minimal tissue irritation associated with low-profile proximal plating
  • Ability to make moderate to large intermetatarsal angular corrections

Advantages of fixation with the DARCO® Plantar Lapidus Plate Locked Plate:

  • Low profile design minimizes soft tissue irritation and allows ease of contouring
  • Two additional sliding holes for standard screws allow for compression across the joint
  • Fixed-angle 3.5mm locking screws for maximum stability
  • Anatomical pre-contoured shape
  • Proximal hole pre-contoured for easy drilling and screw access
  • Plantar fixation to avoid arthrodesis gap
  • Titanium hardware for low tissue reactivity and less stress shielding