BIOFOAM® Wedge System

Innovative Cancellous Titanium

  • Maintained Strength
    Constructed of commercially pure titanium, BIOFOAM® CANCELLOUS TITANIUM™ material maintains its strength throughout the bone remodeling process.
  • Sustainable Rigid Fixation
    High coefficient of friction provides a stable environment for rapid integration.
  • Precise and Reliable Correction
    Wedges available in 2 styles and 15 sizes to provide reliable and precise correction of flatfoot deformities.
  • Extensive Bone Ingrowth
    Porosity of the osteoconductive matrix (up to 70%) allows for rapid integration of  one.
  • Specific and Sterile
    Specifically designed for Evans and Cotton steotomies, the sterile wedges eliminate the risk of an adverse immune response associated with traditional allografts.
  • Versatile Design
    The auxiliary hole allows for the use of internal fixation or supplementary iologics.