Subtalar Arthroereisis Implant

Minimally invasive correction for excessive pronation

The conical shape of the implant provides a more anatomical fit to the sinus tarsi. Additionally, the blunt threads may prevent bone impingement, irritation, and painful pressure points created through the compressive loading of sharp threads. The distribution of compression forces may be especially important in geriatric patients with poor bone stock that could be more susceptible to damage.

  • Anatomically shaped threads prevent implant migration
  • Smooth implant base is engineered to minimize sinus tarsitis
  • Slotted thread troughs promote tissue in-growth
  • Removal tool designed for fast re-positioning or extraction
  • Color coded sizers  implants simplity procedure
  • Conical, tapered geometry for accurate sizing
  • Blunt thread design limits bone impingement and irritation
  • Cannulated removal instrumentation simplifies retrieval