Compression Plate

Stability Redefined

The CHARLOTTE® CLAW® Compression Plate is a highly versatile implant for osteotomies and arthrodeses of the foot. It is particularly useful in triple arthrodesis procedures (specifically CC and TN fusions), as well as corrective osteotomies of the rearfoot and midfoot (e.g. Evans and Cotton osteotomies).

  • Temporary fixation holes for provisional fixation to bone with fixation pin 
  • 4-Hole construct provides additional points of fixation and increased resistance to rotation as compared to 2-hole version
  • Locked screw fixation provides increased resistance to pullout and enhanced stability 
  • Aggressive cancellous threads provide improved purchase in bone
  • Pre-contoured to fit anatomy and sit flush on curved bone surface 
  • Constructed of stainless steel and available with interaxis lengths of 20, 25, and 30mm