DARCO® PIA Plate (Evans Osteotomy)

Modular Rearfoot System (MRS)

Evans Osteotomy Plate. Precise correction, confident fixation

The DARCO® MRS plating system for the rearfoot has been designed in close
collaboration with internationally renowned surgeons to address the specifi c needs
of reconstructive foot and ankle surgery. After many years of iterative research and
development, the resulting product is highly refi ned for treatment of challenging
rearfoot disorders.

  • Plate for Evans lateral/column lengthening, rearfoot osteotomies and fusions
  • Permits a controlled, incremental interposition for reconstructive fusions and osteotomies of the rearfoot.
  • Integrated spacers: 0, 2, 4, 6, 8mm (wedge design)